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Mission Statement

We want to provide a real working environment to help you develop confidence, communication skills, grit, positive thinking and leadership traits that would be impossible to gain in an academic environment.

Using our Marketing platform, we coach ambitious individuals and empower them to achieve their full potential. In short we are creating a worldwide team of career driven individuals to make a positive impact on peoples lives around us.


Start-ups funded by us


Brand Representatives

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Why major brands use us?

Having a face-to-face meeting with a prospective customer is an opportunity to provide a human touch and present a service, while leave a lasting and favorable impression.

Therefore, we choose to represent only ethical clients that are orientated towards excellent customer service and who choose to leave a positive footprint on the planet.


Update a message anytime
instantly without
any cost


Two-way communication. Gain customer feedback and build relationships


Know the exact Return On Investment before a campaign is started

Targeted Audience

Pick the target audience based on a criteria.


No huge upfront costs. Pay only for results acquired

No Saturation

No need to invest more than the competition to get results


Why work in the marketing sector?

When is come to the marketing world there are career opportunities for people who feel limited in their current role. Our sector is ideal for people who want to progress faster than the average job structure allows them.

Most people love our industry as it allows them to get financial rewards, freedom, travel and amazing relationships based on their self development and efforts rather than their background.

Communication skills and confidence gained in a marketing career can enhance anyone's prospects regardless of the chosen industry.


Independence and Flexibility

Working in sales requires goals to be set and achieved. You will have the independence and flexibility to work towards your goal in your own time frame.


Earning Potential

Roles in the marketing and sales industry means that the you get rewarded for your efforts and skill set rather than the time invested every day.


Career prospects

Sales and marketing is a fast paced career for ambitious individuals regardless of their gender, background or academic achievements .


Personal development

There is an enormous range of resources to continually learn from. There are workshops, books and coaching programs put in place to allow improvement in the sales industry.



Each day will be slightly different and will always be filled with excitement and change. There are also opportunities for international travel and conferences to attend.


Stability and security

Companies will always require a sales department. Therefore in times where they are required to cut back in departments, those in sales most likely will not be affected.


Choose a path that
fits your requirements



Represent worldwide brands

Learn all the elements of face-to-face sales and acquistions

Market a brand 

Acquire customers on behalf of the clients we work with

Deliver excellent customer service

Learn how to set and accomplish individuals goals

Enjoy unlimited income based on results



Entrepreneurship Platform

Become a Mentor

Coaching and mentoring Brand Representatives

High performing Brand Rep

Motivating and mentor individuals to perform on a day to day basis

Become part of recrutiment process

Conducting Skill sharing sessions and workshops

Start to create your own brand




Run your very own business

Run 100% of your own marketing business

Run a marketing company

Hold recruitment drives and coaching sessions

Deal with your clients on a day to day basis

Coaching and mentoring new Brand reps

Developing new Mentors and Coaches


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